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Sean Kirk

Sean Kirk

Senior Consultant

Master in Coaching Psychology & Human Resource Management from University of Sydney, Australia
Bachelor in Law from Victoria University, New Zealand
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Victoria University, New Zealand

Sean is a highly experienced consultant who specialises in executive coaching, assessment centres and workshop facilitation. Across 12 years of consulting, Sean has worked with a range of clients in financial services, energy, entertainment, publishing, mining, defence, aviation and FMCG.

​Sean’s approach is commercial, grounded in a deep understanding of the corporate environment and what’s required to achieve individual and organisational outcomes within large complex organisations. He has a broad knowledge of different development frameworks, methodologies and accredited assessment and 360 degree feedback tools. Outside of consulting, Sean has led some large teams and more recently he has held internal organisational development roles in a multi-national corporation. His diverse background enables him to perceive situations from multiple view points and provide practical input in a range of circumstances.

Sean designs and delivers highly interactive development solutions in the following areas:

- Design and deliver developmental programs that increase individual, team and organisational understanding and performance.
- Coach senior executives to build influence and to fully leverage the capability of themselves and their teams to deliver business results.
- Support senior executives to understand and navigate the complex dynamics and challenges of corporate structures, systems and culture to maximise impact and outcomes.
- Support the development of high potential talent through a range of individual and group processes such as assessment and development centres.
- Assist executives to build stronger relationships and improve outcomes when working with people from different cultural backgrounds

In addition to his practical experience, Sean is also accredited in in a range of third party feedback and personality assessment tools including LSI (Life Styles Inventory), LI (Leadership Impact), Hogan Assessment Systems, DiSC, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), TMP (Team Management Profile).

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