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Leadership and people strategy

Why leadership and people strategy matters

Business strategy alone does not create value for the organisation, it is the people who create value for the organisation. Yet, more often than not, organisations fail to factor in leadership and people strategies as part of its strategic planning.


Based on the latest Global Leadership Forecast research, organisations without effective leadership strategies are less prepared to meet key business challenges and are four times less likely to achieve business impact measures compared to its peers with effective leadership strategies.


Putting it briefly, it is critical for organizations to put in place effective leadership and people strategies that are tied to the business strategy so as to turn the organisation’s vision into reality.

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How can we support

FLI has over 20 years of experience in helping organisations in Asia to define their leadership and people strategy. We work out for you how many leaders/people are required, where do you need them, when do you need them, and what characteristics (i.e. traits, skills, behaviours, capabilities, etc.) should they possess in order for your organization to deliver your strategy and priorities effectively.


With this information, your organization can bridge the gap between the current situation and the desired future.

The suite of solutions FLI offers

Business Brainstorming

Creation of leadership and/or people strategy framework that is in alignment with your business strategy


Diagnose the leadership and/or people capacity gaps in your organisation 

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Align organizational systems and processes (i.e. talent management, performance management, succession planning, etc.) with your leadership and/or people strategy


Accelerate the growth of your leaders and/or people in accordance to your leadership and/or people strategy 

Want to learn more about how FLI suite of leadership and people strategy solutions can help your organisation create strong leadership bench strength and talent pipeline? Reach out to us here

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