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Accelerated leadership development

Why accelerated leadership development matters

Organisations need effective leaders who are able to exhibit both task oriented (i.e. strategic planning and execution) and relationship oriented (i.e.  engaging and motivating others) behaviours in order to thrive in today’s increasing volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. Yet, more often than not, leaders are only competent in either task oriented or relationship oriented behaviours but not both and this cripples leaders from becoming effective at their workplace.


Ineffective leaders negatively impact organizations in a wide variety of ways including employee’s performance and productivity, retention of employees, business performance (i.e. turnover, profits, market value, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction) and many more. Thus, it is no surprise that organisations are placing much more emphasis on their leadership development efforts than they had ever before.


In fact, according to the Association for Talent Development's 2016 State of the Industry report, organizations are allocating the largest share of their training budget towards leadership development. This shows that leadership development is no longer a good-to-have but a strategic imperative for organisations to achieve performance and growth in today’s VUCA business environment.

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How can we support

FLI has more than 20 years of track record in customising accelerated leadership development solution that addresses the goals, priorities and needs of your business and delivering the solution in different local languages across Asia.


We understand that your organisation is different from other organisations and thus would require leaders with different skillsets and behaviours. Each of our leadership development solution looks to create a sustainable behavioural change in your people so that they can lead your organisation to achieve success for the years to come.

The suite of solutions FLI offers

Customised accelerated leadership development program

Accelerated leadership development program is typically a 6 to 24 months long intervention that includes a combination of world class developmental interventions such as lectures, class activities / discussions, coaching, self-paced learning as well as real-life business challenge group projects to address the unique issues and development goals of a particular group of people in the organisation (i.e. high potentials, talents, senior executives, etc.).

Participants will first be equipped with theories, tools and initial practices in a classroom or virtual setting before they apply what they have learnt to a real-life business challenge group project.

Customised or off-the-shelf modular leadership workshop

Modular leadership workshop allows busy executives to acquire or deepen a specific leadership skill in a short period of time in either face-to-face or virtual setting.

The topics available for off-the-shelf modular leadership workshop include:

  • Applying mindfulness at work

  • Conducting behavioural / competency-based interview

  • Coaching for performance

  • Creating a customer-centric workplace

  • Communicating effectively across cultures

  • Delivering a successful presentation

  • Design thinking

  • Driving innovation & creativity

  • Effective time management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Engaging and developing employees

  • Giving effective feedback

  • Influencing others to achieve successful outcomes

  • Leading a high performance team

  • Leading & managing organizational change

  • Project management

  • Translating strategy to results

  • Thinking strategically

Customised or off-the-shelf development centre

Development centre is an integrated system of behavioral interviews, cognitive tests, personality measures, and simulation exercises designed to generate behaviour similar to that required for success in a target job or job level with the intention to aid organisations in identifying the strengths and development needs of its people.

FLI consultants can design and deliver both face-to-face and virtual development centre in local languages for your organization. 

Want to learn more about how FLI suite of leadership development solutions can help your organisation to

build and grow future leaders? Reach out to us here

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