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Why leadership assessment matters

Leadership assessments provide invaluable insight for leaders to understand their strengths, development areas, and blind spots.


By objectively measuring key competencies like strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, decision making and more, these assessments illuminate where a leader excels and where they may need further growth. This heightened self-awareness allows them to capitalize on natural talents while proactively addressing gaps.


Moreover, leadership assessments are vital for succession planning and talent management initiatives within organizations. They identify high-potential employees suited for advancement and pinpoint the coaching and training opportunities to groom future leaders.


With the right leadership assessments, companies can cultivate a robust leadership pipeline prepared to drive strategic objectives. For leaders at all levels, these assessments are an essential tool for continuous improvement and maximizing their impact.


How can we support

FLI has more than 25 years of track record in delivering customised leadership sassessment solutions to meet the specific needs of organisations across different industries and geographies.

FLI can help your organisation to put in place an objective selection process that not only provides you with in-depth insights into your people but also supports your business needs.


With this information, you can make better selection, hiring and promotion decisions across all levels in your organisation from individual contributors to c-suite executives.

The suite of solutions FLI offers

Customised or off-the-shelf assessment centre

Assessment centre is an integrated system of behavioral interviews, cognitive tests, personality measures, and simulation exercises designed to generate behaviour similar to that required for success in a target job or job level with the intention to aid organisations in making selection, recruitment, promotion decisions.

FLI consultants can design and deliver both face-to-face and virtual assessment centre in local languages for your organization. 


success profile

Success profile outlines a set of key competencies, experiences, knowledge areas and personal attributes a person needs to possess in order to be successful in a given role or job level in the organisation.

The information detailed in the success profile can then be used for a wide range of needs including selection, assessment, on-boarding, development and many more.

FLI consultants have the expertise to design success profile for your organization whether it is an individual contributor role or a c-suite executive role. 

Customised behavioral / competency-based interview

Behavioural / competency-based interview consists of a specific set of job-relevant questions designed to gather specific examples from candidates on how they have demonstrated certain behaviors needed for the job that they are applying and evaluating all candidates using the same set of pre-determined rating scales.

FLI consultants can design and deliver both face-to-face and virtual interviews in local languages for your organization. 



Psychometrics assessment is a scientific test used to measure candidates’ mental capabilities and personality traits to determine their suitability for a given role. Some of the off-the-shelf psychometrics assessment that our consultants are accredited in include Emergentics, FIRO-B, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, Hogan, Korn Ferry,  Psytech International, Gallup StrengthsFinder, and SHL.

FLI consultants can provide one-on-one feedback in local languages to your employees on their psychometric assessment.

Customised or off-the-shelf

multi-rater/360 assessment

Multi-rater / 360 assessment is a tool to assist employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses based on the feedback gather from people who work around them such as their subordinates, colleagues, and line managers. Some of the off-the-shelf multi-rater/360 assessments that our consultants are accredited in include CCL’s Benchmarks 360 Assessment Suite, Marshall Goldsmith’s Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360),  and The Leadership Circle. 

FLI consultants can also fully customize a 360 assessment for your organization as well as provide one-on-one feedback in local languages to your employees on their 360 results.

Want to learn more about how FLI suite of leadership selection & assessment solutions can help your organisation to

make better selection, hiring and promotion decisions? Reach out to us here

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