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Falko Leonhardt

Falko Leonhardt

Senior Consultant

Bachelor in European Business Administration from EPBS

Falko has more than 20 years of experience that includes senor leadership roles in multinational companies. He adds value to his clients through first-hand practical experience and is always seeking to acquire new knowledge and skills that broaden his capabilities in order to achieve the right results in complex business environments. Highly adaptable, he is as comfortable in the Boardroom as he is working with frontline leaders and is able to support and drive the execution of change initiatives.

Falko has extensive experience in the design and implementation of world class consulting solutions that support organisational transformation. His strengths stem from his ability to engage with leaders at all levels coupled with his expertise in organisational coaching, business transformation and accelerated leadership development.

His areas of expertise include:

- Strategic transformation and change
- Branded organisation and branded culture
- Organizational strategy and strategic leadership development
- Service excellence / service experience / innovation culture and hubs
- Management trainee to senior management recruitment and assessment/development centres

Falko’s previous positions include:

- VP, Strategic Transformation for the Supervisory Board, Malaysia Green Technology Corporation
- Senior VP and Business Leader, Change and Transformation at Deutsche Telekom
- Executive VP, Human Capital Development and Organisational Development at T-Mobile International
- General Manager, Export Import Automotive Spare Parts in Iran and Germany
- VP, Human Resource Development, Lufthansa

Born in Germany, he has been living between Malaysia and Indonesia since 2000 and working as a Consultant and Executive Coach. He thrives on the challenges that emerge from organisational transformation and business turnarounds and his passion lies in understanding and mastering the complexity and ambiguity of the issues.

As a former semi-professional decathlon athlete, Falko understands the importance of commitment and perseverance and applies this to his professional life.

In addition to his practical experience, Falko has impressive credentials including:

Stakeholder Centred Coaching Certificate by Marshall Goldsmith
International Master in Practicing Management from INSEAD and McGill
Licensed Process and Facilitation Consulting
Life Mastery with Anthony Robbins
Various psychosocial and group-dynamic programs

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