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Associate Executive Coach

Countries in Asia


Future Leaders International (FLI) specialises in assessing and developing leadership talent in Asia. Since 1997, we have designed and executed over 100 leadership programs for over 40 clients across the region. We help companies identify, nurture and equip their people at every level to become engaging and inspirational leaders who can influence and motivate others towards common goals. If you are passionate about shaping future leaders, you should come and FLI with us.


  • Provide one-to-one and/or group coaching for a variety of levels within client organizations from individual contributors to c-suite executives

  • Facilitate meetings with participant, client HR and senior leaders to clarify coaching objectives and develop an action plan

  • Conduct psychometric and/or 360 debrief, stakeholder interviews and job shadowing as and when required

  • Provide non-confidential feedback and report to FLI and client key stakeholders on participant's progress



  • Possess professional certifications in organizational psychology or coaching

  • Possess minimum ten (10) years of experience in coaching corporate clients

  • Possess good understanding of organizational and talent development

  • Strong interpersonal, problem solving and time management skills 

  • Familiar with 360/psychometric tools preferred

  • Experience in corporate management roles preferred

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